NEW: Video Tutorials for all Decision Sheets

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With our October release, you and your clients can now watch short video tutorials that explain the 100 GrowthWheel Decision Sheets.

As an advisor you can watch the video tutorials under My Toolbox on GrowthWheel Online — just look for the video icon!

Each video tutorial explains the Decision Sheet in 1-2 minutes: the job to be done, how to do it, and next steps.

When you email or share a Decision Sheet, your client will be able to watch the video tutorial if he or she has been invited to work with you on GrowthWheel Online. So all you have to do is invite your client and start sharing!

More than ever before the video tutorials allow for clients to better self-serve, giving them an improved digital experience when working with you.

Below you can watch the video tutorial for the Decision Sheet Staff Cost Benefit

3 steps to share tutorial videos with your clients

#1 Look for the video icon

Log in on GrowthWheel Online, go to the Toolbox, find one or more Decision Sheets, and look for the video icon.

Click on the video icon to watch the tutorial.


#2 Share Decision Sheets with clients

Select one or more Decision Sheets and send them to your client.

When you share a Decision Sheet, your client can click on the video icon in the email and will be directed to the menu Advisor Files on GrowthWheel Online, where he or she can watch it.


#3 Your clients can watch the shared video tutorials on GrowthWheel Online

You client can always find video tutorials for shared Decision Sheets in the menu Advisor Files on GrowthWheel Online.