Get a 360° View on Focus Areas

Do a 360° screening of your client company's progress, opportunities, or skills and save it in the cloud, or invite clients to do a screening themselves.

When clients are invited to GrowthWheel Online they can do the 360° Screening on the platform. Both client and advisor can create a screening, to which both can add comments, decisions, and actions.

360° Screenings can be made as private drafts or shared with team members and associated advisors.

Do a quick screening and share it

Have the client do a 360° Screening online and save it in the cloud. Choose type of screening and add a title to get started. You can also keep it as a draft to continue working with it later.

Add decisions and actions to the screening

Add notes, decisions, and actions for each screening that both you and your client can see. 


See notes from both advisor and client

Both you and the client company can see all notes, decisions, and actions below each screening.

Notes, decisions, and actions on paper

Print PDF reports that give you an overview of your notes, decisions, and actions related to a specific client company.