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Business Profile
—Access all client information in one place

GrowthWheel Online offers a simple way to keep all information about your clients in one place. 

It is our vision that GrowthWheel Online can be used to gather all the information that clients, advisors, and lenders need, and that it can be printed as a great-looking PDF with a single click. 

In the "Business Profile" menu you can add the clients' contact info, business info, team members, legal info, and financials. Your clients can also make a Business Profile on their own. Less typing work for you, more time to help your clients grow. 

Print the Business Profile as visual PDF report with a description of the client's business. Back it up with the company's financials and a 30-60-90 Action Plan. Then you got everything a lender could wish for.

If you need to import data from the Business Profile to another system, all data is good to go. You can easily download one or more clients' Business Profiles as Excel files that you can upload to another system. And your clients can do the same.

The Business Profile is a new approach to making a document that advisors and client companies can add to a lender information package. It's different and faster than a conventional business plan because the Business Profile is focused on facts and on the current situation. 

This is how it works:

  • Build the Business Profile with new records to describe each product or service, key markets, customer segments, team members, and more.
  • Add information about the business in predefined fields
  • Add images to make the report more visual 
  • Print the full Business Profile as PDF with a single click.

Of course the Business Profile is not all the lender wants to see. But when combined with a well-prepared and detailed budget in a spreadsheet it might be a sufficient alternative to the conventional business plan, which few clients like to write and few lenders like to read.

#1 Add Contact info

Get an overview of all contact information on your client. 

GrowthWheel Online Business Profile

#2 Add Team Members

Keep track of current team members - and their position - in your client's company.

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Competitor ny.001.jpeg

#4 Add Competitor/Market Player

Get an overview of your market position by adding Competitors/Market Players to your Business Profile.

#3 Add Board Member

Add the title 'Board Member' to detail your team members' profiles and download it as a PDF. 

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#6 Add Legal information

Add all legal information for the client company. 

#5 Add Employee Count

Create charts and tables with the number of all employees.

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#7 Add Financials

Keep track of each client's revenue, export, profit and funds.

#8 Make a Business Description

Add all information about the company: it's product and services, and key markets and customer segments

Business Profile

#9 Add Business Description

Here you can tell about the company's history, mission, vision for the future, needs and problems, scalability, and values. Top it up with a nice image. 

 #10 Add Key Market/Customer Segment

What are the company's key markets and customer segments? List top 5 clients and market share. 

Business Profile

#11 Add Product/Service

Describe each of the products or services of the company: Who are the typical buyer, how does it create value for the buyer, and what is the price range and revenue. 

#12 Finish by printing the Business Profile

Print the Business Profile as PDF and back it up with the company's financials. Top it up with a 30-60-90 Action Plan. Then you got everything a lender could wish for.