Track outcomes and metrics

Keep track of quantitative results and qualitative achievements you and your client have created together.

When ambitions are turning into outcomes you can keep track of them quarter by quarter to see for yourself —and show your client —all the results and achievements you have created together.

Results are measurable outcomes such as revenue growth, a new time-saving process, or a stronger market position.

Achievements are outcomes that you cannot measure in numbers such as launching a new product, hiring a new employee, or receiving an award. 

Keep track of all outcomes

In the Scoreboard menu, you and your client can add new outcomes and quickly get an overview of all the results you have created together. 

Add new outcomes

When you add a new outcome you can name it, select a work area and a category, write a description of the outcome, select the quarter and year it was completed, and select if it is a result or an achievement. 


Result or achievement?

When you add a new outcome you can choose if it a quantitive result or a qualitative achievement. For results you can also add an amount. 

Download visual PDF reports

Get a visual PDF report of each client's outcomes and share it with your colleagues, managers, or stakeholders. You can also upload it to your CRM system.