Download or email visual tools

Download GrowthWheel tools as writable PDF files or make custom packages that you can email to your client.

Access tools for all basic business decisions

With priorities clear, you can easily find the best suited tools to help clients set agenda and make decisions.

On GrowthWheel Online, certified advisors have access to more than 150 tools in the basic toolbox, and even more in the GrowthWheel Advanced Series.

Use interactive PDF files for a fast 360° screening

With the 360° Screening Pad in interactive PDF format it is very fast to map out the clients Focus Areas with a few clicks.

You can send the PDF-file to the client before a meeting for preparation or after a meeting as a summary. You can also email it or upload it to a CRM-system.

GrowthWheel Online share tools

Three ways to search and find tools for client companies

You can quickly find Tools on GrowthWheel Online by clicking the Focus Areas in the navigator or using the search for any keyword or business issue.

The tools have also been hashtagged so all tools relating to common business topics can be displayed on a page.

Send custom packaged tools to clients

With one click you can add tools to the toolbasket and send them in one package to a client.

With the volume of tools on GrowthWheel Online an advisor can send a pack of tools to a client every week for a year without running dry.