List and monitor client ambitions

List your client's ambitions and mark with a traffic light indicator if they are on track, in progress, or a challenge.

All advisors speak with clients about their ambitions. In the Scoreboard, you and your clients can make a list of your clients' ambitions and rank them in terms of what to focus on. You can monitor all clients' ambitions and keep an eye on the process of ambitions turning into outcomes. 

See all ambitions in the scoreboard

Select a client and go to the Scoreboard. Here you can create new ambitions, rank them, and monitor progress. 

Create a new ambition

For each ambition you can select a work area and a category, a description of the ambition, and which quarter and year you expect to realize the ambition. 


Add decisions and actions to each ambition

You can add decisions and actions to each ambition. They will both show up below the ambition and in the 30-60-90 Day Action Plan. 

Monitor ambitions with traffic lights

You can rank all ambitions with a simple traffic light system to monitor their progress: Is the ambition a challenge, in progress, or on track? 


Print ambitions as PDF reports

Get a visual PDF report of each client's ambitions and share it with your colleagues, your managers or stakeholders. You can also upload it to your CRM system.