GrowthWheel Advanced Tool:

GrowthWheel for Employees

One of GrowthWheels tools is a pack of 18 visual Decision Sheets that help Business Advisors take clients through a process where they understand alternatives and reach decisions. 

Check to see if some of the decisions you see here are relevant for your clients and talk to us if you want to learn more. 




Company Values

Job To Be Done:
Communicate clearly about company values and culture.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By making a thorough description of the company values, we make it easier to create the company culture we want.

Organizational_Structure_– R2.01.png

Organizational Structure

Job To Be Done:
Establish current and future positions and areas of responsibility.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By getting an overview of our roles and work areas in the company, we can more easily make a decision about the next hire. 

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