GrowthWheel Advanced Tool:

GrowthWheel for Inventors and Early Startups

One of GrowthWheels tools is a pack of 20 visual Decision Sheets that help Business Advisors take clients through a process where they understand alternatives and reach decisions. 

Check to see if some of the decisions you see here are relevant for your clients and talk to us if you want to learn more. 




Sparring Partners

Job To Be Done:
Find people who can help further develop products and business idea

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By getting an overview of possible profiles, we can more easily decide who to involve in the development.

Idea Description

Job To Be Done:
Decide the key components of the idea and find the best way to describe them

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By making a clear idea description, it gets easier to explain and sell an idea as well as receiving feedback on it.

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