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GrowthWheel for Export and Internationalization:
To export - think like a start-up

It can be a challenge to advise an established company going into a new international market - Next time, suggest they think like a start-up! 

When a business goes international, their challenges grow globally as well. Whether your client is about to export for the first time or has direct foreign investment, there are many decisions to make and actions to take to ensure their exporting is successful. 

One of GrowthWheels tools is a pack of 30+ visual Decision Sheets that help Export Advisors take clients through a process where they understand alternatives and reach decisions. 




Export Motivations

Job To Be Done:
Clarify the company's passion and  purpose by going into a foreign market.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By being aware of the real reason for          doing export, we can better choose the      right approach when entering a new          market. 

Export Network

Job To Be Done:
Activate your international network.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By mapping out the network we have in    the foreign market, we can more easily      find the people that can help the                  company enter this market. 

Export Partners

Job To Be Done:
Choose the right advisors and local  partners.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By getting an overview of potential              advisors and how they can help us, we    take the first step to getting outside          assistance with the tasks. 


Customer Acquisition Costs

Job To Be Done:
Add up the costs per customer for            entering a new market.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By going through the costs it will take to    get a new client in the export market,          we can decide if this is beneficial to the    company to export to this market                instead of focusing on getting new            clients in our current one.  

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