GrowthWheel Advanced Tool:

GrowthWheel for IP, IPR and Knowledge:
Take a 360° view on your knowledge and intellectual property rights

When knowledge is the back-bone in a company and the most important ressource for growth, it's worthwhile to take a holistic view on the management of intellectual resources. 

A key decision companies face with intellectual property is whether to protect it or secure the freedom to operate. But there are many other decisions ranging from developing new IP, commercializing it, working with licensing, and much more with how to organize people and their respective processes working in this area of the business. 

One of GrowthWheels Advanced Series tools is a pack of 30+ visual Decision Sheets that help Intellectual Property Officers support clients with decision-making and action planning when it comes to intellectual property, rights, freedom to operate and the management of valuable knowledge.




Product Knowledge

Job To Be Done:
Describe the problem the idea will solve and how the idea can solve it.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By mapping out the knowledge we have about the company's products, services, and production phase, we can more easily determine which knowledge is unique and, therefore, a potential asset to the company 



Job To Be Done:
Protect your freedom to operate through publication.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By disclosing our knowledge, we save the costs on IP protection, but it can also involve risks. 


IPR Reporting

Job To Be Done:
Reporting system about the company’s IPR.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By having a good reporting system, we make sure that the company management get the information they need and that the employees monitor the different areas within the IPR.

IPR Investments

Job To Be Done:
Make budget for investments in patents, utility models, designs and trademarks.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
To be able to decide if an investment in a patent, utility model, design, or trademark will pay off, we can make an estimate of the costs for registration and maintenance. 

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