GrowthWheel Advanced Tool:

GrowthWheel for Social Business and Non-Profits

One of GrowthWheels tools is a pack of 20+ visual Decision Sheets that help Business Advisors take clients through a process where they understand alternatives and reach decisions. 




Socioeconomic Business Model

Job To Be Done:
Find different possible sources of income.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By systematically going through the possible sources of income, we can get inspiration for how to make more money. 


Networking Activities

Job To Be Done:
Plan participation in networking opportunities.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By getting an overview of the company’s networking possibilities we can figure out where we should use our resources. 




Job To Be Done:
Activate the company’s volunteers or other resources in the network.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By figuring out exactly which activities we need help for we can more easily recruit volunteers and initiate relevant activities.

Social Value Creation

Job To Be Done:
Make the company’s positive impact visible.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By getting an overview of our non-financial objectives we can get ideas for how to measure the company’s success. We can also find out how to gather and present data to show the power of the company’s work. 

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