GrowthWheel Advanced Tool:

GrowthWheel for Exit and Succession

One of GrowthWheels tools is a pack of 20+ visual Decision Sheets that help Business Advisors take clients through a process where they understand alternatives and reach decisions. 




Decision to Sell

Job To Be Done:
Go through advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threats when selling the company.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By going through the personal and financial matters to consider before selling the company, we prepare for the day when the succession takes place. 

Negotiation_Plan_– R1.3.31+.png

Negotiation Plan

Job To Be Done:
Prepare negotiation meetings with buyer.

How the Decision Sheet helps:
By figuring out what may be a realistic schedule for meetings going towards the sale, all parties can be well-prepared and the process will be more efficient. 

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