GrowthWheel for Loan Applications
—Make your clients bankable. Faster.

A brand new tool for all business advisors who would like to work smarter, save time on counseling, and help clients get the funding they need.

As a business advisor, you spend a lot of time helping your clients prepare a convincing loan application.

This new toolstack is for business advisors who would like to save time on counseling , help clients prepare their loan application, and improve their chances of getting the funding they need. 

We have co-created the toolstack with experienced business advisors who know how much time you can end up spending on counseling clients.

The 20 visual Decision Sheets will help you and your clients prepare all the documents needed in a convincing loan application.

The Decision Sheets will help you:

  • structure the dialogue about the loan application

  • get an overview of your client company’s cash flow, budget, lender relations, and investment opportunities

  • support all the decisions needed to get funding

  • empower your clients to work on their own

Examples of Decision Sheets:

Cash Management.png

Cash Management

Job to be done:
Find ways to create better short-term and long-term cash flows.

How the Decision Sheet will help you:
By improving the cash flow, we get more available funds that we can use for making the company grow

Financing Options.png

Financing Options

Job to be done:
Go through possible ways of financing investments.

How the Decision Sheet will help you:
By looking into different alternatives for financing our investments, we can make sure to select the right kind of financing.

Sales Budget.png

Sales Budget

Job to be done:
Budget your revenue per customer and per product.

How the Decision Sheet will help you:
By making a sales budget, we can calculate and get an overview of the company’s total revenue per year.

Financial Ratios.png

Financial Ratios

Job to be done:
Calculate your financial numbers to show the investor.

How the Decision Sheet will help you:
By calculating the most common financial ratios, we get some valuable numbers to show the potential investor.

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